Deer Valley Club

“The Deer Valley Sportsman Club (DVC) is a private sportsman club located in Indian Lake, NY.  Its roots date back to the 1950's and 60's, when it was the former Cedar River Road Association and Squaw Valley Club.  DVC leases almost 12,000 acres of land from Upper Hudson Woodland ATP, formerly Finch Pryun Lands, which are classified Commercial Timberlands allowing recreational use in a working forest.  The lease borders the Cedar River for several miles down stream from Cedar River Flow and is surrounded on three sides by  state land, including the West Canada Lakes Wilderness area.
There are 58 camps spread along the 28 miles of roads through out the leased lands.  Many outdoor activities are enjoyed during all seasons by our members and their families on DVC Lands, within the Adirondack Mountains.”